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To much moving water they get tired and die.  i have a double hose bubbler and if I put both stones at the bottom of the bucket creates a current and the shiners get tired and die.  I move the stones up to the surface just 1/2" to 1" below and they do just fine...


--- Quote from: Subway4X4 on Feb 07, 2022, 09:13 AM ---I use a rechargeable aerator with intermittent aeration.

Bonus: can go on for days.

AquaMiracle Lithium Battery Powered Portable Aquarium Air Pump for Fish Tank up to 120 Gallons, USB Rechargeable Aquarium Bubbler Aerator for Outdoor Fishing, Power Outages and Emergency
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--- End quote ---

THANKS for this! Was looking for something like this just the other day..................s o tired of buying "D" batteries for my portable aerator!  ::)  And I see you can also run this off household current. Even better for keeping them alive at home!  @)

Dave in Mpls:
Been using these for the past couple years with good results.  Caught them for $5 at Petco one day and picked up 8 for myself and friends.  Knocked one into the drink a couple weeks ago in my permanent and it still ran fine after drying out overnight.  Fortunately I have several spares.  You’ll need air hose and a stone.


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