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Cold weather has me on track for more days fishing.  I fished Shabbona Lake last week.  Perfect day and caught some fish.

Went out for a couple hours after work today from 3-5pm. Bite was just flat dead until about 430, then it picked up a bit. Ended up with one decent gill and a handful of dinks in the last half hour.

Was watching fish through the hole before that, they just weren't going after anything.

I'll be hitting the same pond again tomorrow at dawn.

Ice picked up about an inch since yesterday afternoon. It was -3 when I left the house this morning. Fished from 7am-11am; real slow up until about 8:30, then the bite was pretty decent from 8:30-10, and just flipped off like a switch. Didn't get a single fish from 10-11.

Ended up pulling 1 decent crappie, a little largemouth, and about a dozen gills that were mostly dinkers.

Been getting some smaller gills on a local pond, ice is very good this year at about 8" and clear.  Bass have been good, but would like to see some crappie come through the hole.  the pits gave up some small crappie and gills but no bass.  Lets hope we can spend some time on the ice, been a few years since we had a good season for hard water.

Really like the new widow maker rod, 27" light action.  Just wish I could find some quality rod made in the USA.

Had a dinkfest from 730-11am today.  All gills, only one or two of any size whatsoever, and no real nice fish. Saw a few decent ones, but all the biters were small. Lost the only bass I hooked into at the bottom of the ice.

The ice was about 8.5" and singing after the sun came up over the trees.

Best fish of the day, which wasn't anything to write home about.


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