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Well, I guess it's great to go out with a bang!  I just finished cleaning 209 fish.  Had some help catching them, no help cleaning them.  But that's okay...I never complain about having lots of fish to clean! ;D. A long day, but it was worth it.  I will now be able to freeze my first filets of the season!
7" of ice when I started in the morning, 6" when I left at dark. 

I went for a few hours yesterday. It was 31 when I got to the pond at first light. By the time I packed it in around 9am it was 42 and most of the edges were open water. Only got a handful of gills and a baby bass, but it beat staying at home.

The ice was 4" or so under a couple inches of frozen slush that had loosened up a lot by the time I quit. Supposed to be over 60 with rain today, so that'll eat up any spots that were left along the banks.

Hoping this forecast cold snap the next few days refreezes the edges, but I'm not holding my breath.


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