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So now that Mother Nature has graced us with the cold and hopefully most of us in the northern part of the state will be walking on safe hard water this weekend did you guys get anything good for Christmas that you will be using this out there this season

About all I got for Xmas was an ear infection  :whistle:

Smaller ponds around here that skinned over yesterday had about an inch at 3pm today. Most of the bigger ones got opened back up by the wind.

Some of the smaller, shallower ones in this area should be ready by Thursday or Friday, as long as the forecasters didn't botch tomorrow and Thursday's predictions.

Sounds about like my holidays. my family all got smacked by the Covid so we were hunkered down at home. My wife did do a good job by purchasing me a otter Pro xt x over lodge for Christmas but the only thing she forgot was the hyfax and that should be delivered here tomorrow so hopefully I can put it together for the weekend

I completely regeared a few years ago, so I'm pretty much set for life on gear, aside from line,  reel or two, or maybe another fish house someday when this one goes kaput. I don't fish electronics, so the latest and greatest stuff doesn't really get my hackles up annually 🤷‍♂️



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