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How are you guys securing your UTV down on an open trailer? Just want to be safe when I travel.

just 4 rachet straps.

Strap to the frame not the bumpers.

4 heavy straps, make sure to put the transmission in neutral, not park, otherwise you run the risk of ruining the gears.  If your UTV has a windshield and the machine is pointed forward, you risk rock chips and the sandblasting effect, summer usage is even worse.  Even though I have a 30" front shield on my open trailer, the glass windshield on my Ranger is sandblasted (I can't imagine what it would do to a plastic windshield), lesson learned.  I quit using the open trailer for the UTV for that reason, now only use the long enclosed one.

Two heavy "ratchet" straps from the back of the quad's rack to the trailer frame, then I put the winch cable around the trailer tongue and cinch it down, pulling the front of the quad down and toward the front.  I then put a safety strap in case of winch failure.  Never had a problem since I started doing this.  I say since I started doing this because I almost had a catastrophe.  I bought a new quad and used the regular straps, the kind where the strap goes under a metal part with teeth that are supposed to hold onto the strap.  I put a strap on each corner of the quad, assuming everything should be good, and cinched them down.  I left home heading for Saginaw Bay and a good day of walleye fishing, well before daylight.  After approximately 20 miles I happened to notice sparks in the driver's side mirror.  I slowly pulled off the side of the road and was horrified by what I found.  The quad had worked its way loose from the straps and was riding with just the front tires on the trailer.  The back tires were sliding on the pavement.  I am convinced if I had not studded the tires the whole quad would have been jerked off the trailer, as soon as the back tires fell onto the road.  I nearly wrecked a brand new quad in the process.  I limped five miles to town and promptly purchased a good heavy duty set of ratchet straps.  I put them on and then hooked up the winch cable for added security.  I have used this process "EVERY" time since then!


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