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current battery augers

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ill put my name in for the drill auger combo too.  i like my ridgid(came with 9ah) and old jiffy bit.  friend made a simple adapter from bar stock for me.  like said any drill with the power will do. the jiffy head puts less stress on drill. imo  read past opinions for a while on here.  been lots of threads on this to educate.

Thanks to all for the advice concerning augers. Ice will be here soon. Fred :tipup: :tipup: :tipup:

fred mostly your best choice will depend on the type of ice fishing you prefer do set tip ups  and jig one or two holes or do run and gun  I don't spend a lot  on tip ups I mostly jig some days I only drill 12 to 15 holes then I have days I will drill 40 to 50 holes  and if i am in shallower water with the hub shelter I might drill a 12 inch by 24 in holes for sight fishing   but with that all said the more capable your auger yhe more holes will drill just because of the ease of being able to move

Ordered the k-drill. I will buy the Fuel hammer drill. Do I need an adapter for this set-up? Thanks. Fred  :tipup: :tipup: :tipup:

Ramp 23:
No adapter , put it in the chuck , attach handle to drill , 1st gear & drill away !


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