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I got the itch to buy a Snowdog last season but couldn't find one.  I sent 2 emails to the company on their website and they said they would be in touch but never heard from anyone. 
Has anyone seen them for sale this year?  For those of you who have one already would you get another?  I've found some old posts on here regarding the difficulty in changing oil so I'm wondering if the company has addressed that problem with the newer models. 

Fisherman 1:
A friend of mine has one he got 2 years ago and although you're not going to get any land speed records,  he wouldn't go back to walking for all the tea in china.

That's exactly why I want one.  At 62 years of age I no longer want to drag my gear any great distance out on the ice.  I also like the fact it will fit in the back of my truck.

Iíve had one for 2 years now. Bought used. Used to hoof it. Works great. Have gone on multiple multi mile cruises with it. Hauled multiple shacks and people. I have had it stuck once. I think any vehicle other than a pinned long track sled would have been stuck in slush I was in. That being said I unhooked my gear, DROVE the dog to better ice, hooked back up and away I went. For most conditions it is good. Deep snow with side hill and it is tough to control.

Sold my pickup this year so will be buying an enclosed trailer to haul my gear.  Perhaps a sled or tracked wheeler is in my future but it works well for me as is and with the price of everything now not sure I want to fork out big money

Few thingsó

Get reverse. Mine was a pre reverse model. Loading would be more pleasant but Iím young and 900$ for a reverse gearbox does not seem worth it.

Get a larger light bar. It does okay but when youíre coming back at the end of the day it is nice to see where youíre going.

Some people swear by studs in the track. I have done fine with the exception of a very icy boat launch last year which I still made it up. With a second person Iím sure I would not have.  Probably throwing Kold Cutters on it this year.

PM if you have other questions. The dog gets a lot of flack on forumsÖ.and looks on the ice  :o

just bought a std with reverse. It's being set up now for end of Oct delivery. At 80 it's too hard to walk the mile or so to my fishing area pulling a sled. Not fast but sure beats walking.


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