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ship of fools:

--- Quote from: ship of fools on May 03, 2021, 01:14 PM ---What depths can you get to?

--- End quote ---

It just dawned on me it said 50M cable  ::). If the water is crystal clear would I be able to see lakers well in 100' of water?

Probably not. In a really clear lake I was able to see well at 60 ft on my aqua vu on a sunny day. It is possible if the lake is really clear and the it's sunny.

It came home today.  And a reply from the distributor.  I will attach it to a downrigger cable so the lake trout don't steal the camera.  I will troll with it first.  Then ice fish when winter comes around.  Charged and ready to go.

the force:
So tigrr, how did it work out? Decent enough vis for those lakers? Iíve used one a fair bit in shallower water and it is super interesting, mine quit working a couple years ago and considering picking up a new one.

The deep lakes are just getting enough ice to venture out.  When I checked it was only 2" and I turned around and went home.
Fish not worth winter swimming event.


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