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I just bought Eyoyo Professional 9 inch LCD Monitor HD 1000TVL Camera with 12 Adjustable Infrared LED Lights Underwater Ice / Lake Fishing Video Camera DVR Fish Finder w/ 8GB TF Card (50M Cable)
I hope it is all that the reviews says it is.
Now I can be doubly frustrated by seeing them on the finder and a picture ignoring my presentation. 
Having fun.

youll be looking at it seeing fish after fish biting your hook, but you gotta wait for awhile now  :(

ice dawg:
One of my friends bought a camera and he was so interested in what he was seeing on the screen that I had to tell him when a fish pulled his bobber down. You can learn a lot by watching how fish react to your bait.

Thinking about adding a eyoyo underwater camera to my arsenal for when im hunkered down in my hub all day.

ship of fools:
What depths can you get to? 


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