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Finding northerns end of Feb warm weather


Fished a lake today that has lots of northern pike and tons of small panfish. The weather has been almost 40 for the past 5 days. Caught one on a tip up and one jigging for panfish. I was in 14-16 ft of water with weeds. Going back tomorrow but not sure where to concentrate my efforts. Not sure if they have a "pattern". Thanks for any help I'm trying to self learn based off what I read. Thanks in advance

I fish 8-12 foot of water and bring my bait bout 3 feet off the bottom. If there is any weed beds try fishing the edges of them

i have some great late ice pike spots i hit.  out in front of bays setting baits 12-15ft down over 20-30fow.  when ice comes off its way back in the bays on warm sunny afternoons.


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