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Been out here on Payette all day havenít even marked a fish. Fish in the area north of Ponderosa Park called Duck Bay. Itís where the fish biologist said they had pretty good luck netting them. Anyway, canít seem to get a fish to even come look at me. Iíve been really focus between 40 to 60 feet but Fished as shallow is 20 and as deep as 80.

What are you targeting?

Lake trout.


--- Quote from: CoryTDF on Feb 04, 2022, 04:55 PM ---Lake trout.

--- End quote ---

From what I recall that part of the lake has a pretty gentle slope. I would try somewhere with a much steeper slope.

While I have never know Lakers to travel shallow, when I am not marking fish at all I generally figure they are cruising in the top 5-10 feet.

I live north Idaho.  Lower twin lakes always used produce Kokanee.  Stocking reports show they are.   Didn't catch any over summer and haven't caught any ice fishing in years.   So sad.   


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