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I tie my own leaders for tipup fishing for pike.   I been thinking about adding beads and a spoon or some type of flasher.  I was wondering how many people that fish with live shinners use beads and/or some type on spoon or flasher on their leaders.

I haven't personally tried this but i think its a great idea. A lot of the pike, pickerel, and musky i have caught in open water have been on lures with spoons. Even just a spoon, a bead and a nightcrawler have been killer. So i say go for it and post some pics  ;D

Why not? Tie a small willow leaf, or the like, between 2 shorter leaders with beads, swivels, clevices, etc. Anything to create a little spin and flash... can't hurt. Esox should be along here in a few with his take on the subject. ;)

I always use blade and beads. Chartreuse is always good to me, silver has been ok too.

Of course I'll chip in! Since we get 3 lines in WI I've always got some beads hanging. Sometimes 2 out of 3 right out of the gate. If they work better, everything gets 'em. If not I minimize. Never got into blades for some reason. I guess my thought is they really don't get a chance to actually spin, just kinda flippy flop around. Maybe that's not so bad but I can't say. Seen some really goofy stuff folks use, in my opinion and no disrespect to anyone here that may use something similar, like a #3 or 4 blade with a giant clevis. Never saw that one particular guy ever get a flag on that rig but he always fished it. That said I do believe there are some applications for blades with live bait. I'd envision a couple smaller blades that can clicky clack together sometimes making a little sound with a bit of flash. Actually built a couple of prototypes but have yet to get 'em wet.

Standard bead set up is three to four 4 - 6mm beads. Got a ton of colors but there's always at least one glow bead in the bunch. Orange does very well followed by chartreuse and hot pink. In the pic below top rig has 4 x 4mm beads with 2 glow in the middle. the bottom 2x 6mm with a 4mm glow. Often I don't think you need a lot. Just a bit to stand out and make them curious. Both hooks are #10s, the bottom one just looks bigger due to the camera angle.


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