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The TUCR Inferno series might interest you.

The TUCR rod looks nice but on only one there is a 32" med-heavy....
If the Fenwick Ice Rod is as good as their open water rods it'll be a keeper!

First off, I also use 3mm Fiskas for bluegill and on occasion, 4mm for perch and specks. They are a high quality, super sharp jig. But being small and even though they are tungsten, it takes awhile to get down the water column. I even swore off swivels and split shots earlier this season...but Iv'e changed my mind...especially when fishing in water over 15' when getting back down quick before the school moves. So Iv'e gone back to a small, quality swivel about 2' up. But instead of a split shot, I use tungsten beads above the swivel. They are much smaller and fish heavier than they're lead counterparts, as you would probably guess. And the added "hardware" has actually increased my catch rate...faster down;faster up. jmo.

Nothing works all the time and everything works some of the time.  So IMHO you need to experiment with baits for where you fish.  Rods are more complicated. I have not fished the high end rods like DH Custom, TUCR etc. I would love to.  But my UL and Noodle rods seem pretty darn sensitive.  But I would love to fish a TUCR bullwhip.


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