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Spikes, Waxies etc .

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Could someone please post some pics and info on these baits alot use for panfish such as spikes ,waxies , etc, etc . because some of us who rarely fish panfish have no idea what your talking about but interested in learning and I personally am one . The differences in these baits and anything about them would be greatly appreciated . Thanks in advance folks .


Well Trapper heres the beemoth or waxie.                   Ron

Some fine perch bait Wigglers and Mousies

What are wigglers and where can you score some?

Wigglers are the mayfly larvae. Mayfly larvae have a shelf life of about 2 weeks. Their water should be changed every other day and refrigeration is required.

Otis they are in nearly every bait shop in my area, if I remember right you're in NY, and I know that Coldfeet has mentioned to me that although not readily available state wide you can get them somewhere there.

When perch get tight lipped this is what I pull out of the cooler.



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