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Pressure Crack on Green Bay

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This is just a small crack, we get some over 20' high on the big water of Green Bay.
Yes we do cross them with trucks  ::)


I would not want my truck to fall in to one of thoes :tipup:

We have an American indian reservation close to my home waters.

When I was younger (back when we got ice) I can remember some of the natives driving around on the ice in a chevette! They would run along the cracks looking for a place to cross,
on more than one occasion, I would look in the direction of a revving 4 cylinder just in time to see the car launch off the pressure cracks at about 30mph! One time, they got around 10' of air under them and went prolly 25' before "touching down". I miss having that much ice soooooooooo badly!

We get some cracks like that on oneida lake ive seen them 10to15ft here.ive never seen them crossed with a truck but then again its been 5or6yrs since ive seen a truck or car on oneida. we dont get the winters like we use to ???



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