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big bite:
                                                                                           J.C.B.  Bait
                   WE NOW HAVE SUCKERS                                                                                 WE NOW HAVE SUCKERS
                                                                                        2021-2022  season                                                                                           
                                                                          Cheshire      ma       413-329-1846                   

    Great healthy shinners all sizes.    from rt 8 north take a right after the firestation next right on depot st.  105 is on left hand side 3/4 of the way down the street.. We are proud to serve the sporting  community!!!  True family owned and run business!!!!!   Thank you to all of the "IceShanty" Members who support our business we are seasonal for ice fishing

                                                                              Ring Door bell on orange cone in driveway

                                  ***********  Mon thru thur 6am to 9am  and 3pm to7pm  fir sat sun 6am to 7 pm    ***********

Ric's bait (anglers and archers) in leominster is closed to the public. no big loss..lousy bait..


IPPI's in lynn, ma. parkland ave just off of wyoma sq

Last year I got my bait here in Worcester from a guy on Southwest Cutoff Rd. Barry's Bait and Tackle. He was a nice guy and always had bait available despite the horrible season we had. I would recommend him. He is located in the back end of USA Marine on that road. You can't miss the signs if you cruise down. They are across the street from a gas station. He has a bunch of other stuff available there as well although I haven't taken a good look around.


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