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Jan 22, 2017, 09:28 AM
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Good problems to have on an ice fishing trip
Truck heater stuck on hot. Cold fingers. Sorting small fish in dirty water, before they get to your hole. Truck runs...
Another plastic mold
Got a new panfish plastic mold comming,..,,,Last two molds/plastics worked good.
Humminbird 360 duce for ice fishing
Since the 360 can be used while stationery, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to use it to scan for structure...

more general ice fishing topics
Boil perch/ crappie?
can you just boil perch and crappie, drain and eat like poor man shrimp?  I believe as a kid we did this with cocktail sauce.
Electric Skillet ideas
Looking around for electric skillet to fry fish, I gave my cast iron skillet a try but my little burner did not have enough heat. Trying to do this out in my...
more hardwater cuisine
A quick thought on rail style tip up transport
How do you guys pack your rail tip ups. I use a 26" plastic tool box i found a plano tool box that will hold 6 rail styl...
Stain heritage Lakers or not?
I heard that the wood warps over time. I know some guys stain them, but some don't. What would you recommend? Any other ...
more ice fishing tips
Top 5 items to have before going out on the ice - a discussion
After reviewing all my gear and thinking about when I got what I came to the conclusion that the safety stuff was...
First time walking off ice a little freaked out
We are in our third year fishing, have never felt un-safe until today. We had rain and some warm temps in our area. Ice...
more ice safety

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