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Sep 25, 2017, 09:03 PM
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Author Topic: best light,waterproof and warm boots to replace my favorite mickeys.  (Read 150 times)


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ok.. my arthritic body, mainly my hips do not like walking in my mickey boots anymore.ive never worn anything but mickeys because my feet  are never cold in them.awesome boots and have been loyal to them for over 20 years but the weight of them is killing me as I get looking for totally waterproof,warm and light weight.and not crack in the cold.ive tried lacrosse ice kings and they cracked.thinking something like muck arctic pros.and I could of used the search function because this topic has been beat but its going to be hard to trust another boot when the mickey/bunny boots are the best imo.and I don't want any boots with leather uppers either.all rubber or neoprene/rubber boots.


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I've been happy with my Lacrosse Alphaburly Pros 1600g. My feet get cold pretty easily and I've had no issues with that since getting them. Though it has only been 2 winters with them and both winters were pretty mild. Only complaint is they are sometimes hard to get off but they also make a version with a zipper on the side to make this easier. My feet also tend to sweat if I'm in a shanty with them on but I think I'm going to get some alpaca insoles and better socks to help with this. I use them hunting as well and since we hunt in a swamp I used to have to wear a pair of rubber boots and switch them out when I got to the stand but no need for that with these, completely water proof.
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I have the Muck Artic sports ...I love the light weight and warmth ...I suggest going a full boot size up ..wiggle room and room for sock variations . I like that they slip on off no laces to fuss with or freeze up. I spray my feet with antiperspirant seems to help a lot . Of course the proper sock combination is important as well . Kahtoola micro spikes are an added bonus as they flex and save my back as a opposed to Stabilizers that I had worn for years.
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I'm happy with muck artic pro's , they are easy to walk in and they are light. Mine are 5 years old still working fine.
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I'm a Lacrosse guy. Mine aren't insulated, but I stay dry and warm with a pair of 78% merino wool socks sponsored in part by:
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