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Sep 25, 2017, 09:02 PM
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Author Topic: Boot Comparison: Baffin Wolf Boots vs. Cabella's Inferno 2000 Pac Boot  (Read 954 times)


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The real key thing is after a day wearing the boots pull the liners out and allow them and in the inside of the boot to dry !
I wear Kamik Goliath's with one medium weight wool sock and never have cold feet, unless i for get to dry the boots from the day before !


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why wouldn't you all just get boot dryers after spending the money on the boots, I love a nice warm boot to start out with anyway :-) plus don't have to pull/restuff liners to the boots.. :-)
Its all fun and games until someone loses a walleye.......


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Best bet is to buy 2 pairs of boots and alternate days. That gives them time to dry thoroughly before you put them back on. I find it's helpful to take the boots off the dryer at least an hour before wearing them. Putting your feet in warm boots feels good for a few minutes but your feet get hot and start sweating very quickly. Putting your feet in a cooler boot doesn't trigger the sweating and your feet stay dry longer. sponsored in part by:
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