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Sep 19, 2017, 08:35 AM
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What do you prefer or think is the best sonar out there? Feel free to tell us what you use and why. If other, tell us what you use.

140 (42.3%)
131 (39.6%)
33 (10%)
27 (8.2%)

Total Members Voted: 331

Author Topic: Marcum vs. Vexilar vs. hummingbird vs. other POLL(Lets settle this finally!)  (Read 7532 times)


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I have an ice-45, it works. I've looked over shoulders to check out marcums and vex's and I like the display on the marcums and vex's better. the birds marks are much bigger than the others and that tens to get messy when there's junk in the water or some small fish come in with the larger fish. I like the look of the marcum the best the marks are crisp and you know what you have down there. I also don't like that humminbird makes you buy the soft cover separately. Also, I noticed that the plastic base hums sometimes when it isn't sitting perfectly flat and at times for no reason. I've resorted to having to lean my foot against it to keep it from humming sometimes.


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I've owned and tried basically all of them.   That being said, I currently use Vexilar FLX-28's and couldn't be happier.


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I currently use a fl-12 for pond hopping here in Western Iowa and couldn't be happier. Great little unit.
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I own both a fl8 and a 5.6 showdown. Haven't had much of a chance to use the showdown this year or the vex for that matter. I liked the Vex, but got a killer deal on the Showdown. Both make good paper weights this year.
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I've been completely happy with my Marcum VX1-P. I like it better than the Lowrance that I had before but have no firsthand expearince how well the Marcum stacks up against other similarly priced flashers. The impression that I had at the time that I bought my Marcum after reading a lot of reviews was that Vexilar makes a very good sonar but that you pay a premium for name recognition.


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What Vexilar has going for it.

1 Great customer service
2 Durability(with care they last forever)
3 Great warranty(2years with the option to buy2 more)
4 Exceptionally fast turn around when serviced
5 When you call you get to talk to a live person who doesn't give you the run around
6 Try to google vexilar problems (you won't find much) then google marcum problems

Not knocking others,just love vexilar.

well, you just stated all the stuff you like when your Vex breaks down. Poll closed Marcum wins. LOL !!!



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I fish with a vex, my buddy fishes with a marcum.
 He drives a ford, I drive a Chevy..
I'm a Vet, he is not..
He shoots a Remington , I shoot a Winchester
He likes deer hunting, I rather rabbit hunt
His wife has brown hair, my wife is a blonde
He has a gas auger, I use a hand auger

I'm starting to wonder why I'm friends with this guy?
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I have a Vex FL-8se. My first flasher, arrived last week. All I can say is these things keep you on the ice longer than you would fish without one. A LOT LONGER! They are mezmorizing and fun. Good thing I am already divorced.......
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Vex guys are still trying to log on...dial up is too slow and outdated. But its reliable ;)

Ha, I see what you did there.  Marcum all the way for me!


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I voted for Vex, I have pined over the flx28 and the lx7 for months and ended up getting a 28 (raffle but would have went vex anyway). What it comes down to for me was the machine is a sonar, i dont need all the fancy extra bits that the lx7 has, not a fan of graph display, and honestly when its -20 the lcd screen would kinda freak me out. Basically i like that vexilar has stuck to a build that works, no need to be innovative with a sonar, it does what its suppose to. :) Ultimately, you really cant go wrong unless you dont buy one... like i did.... for 15+ years, not really sure how i never pulled the trigger in all this time.


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Lowrance for sonar, Vex for flasher.


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I have a Bird. 385CI and like it a lot. Flasher works great, many different color options. Gps that is awesome for marking good holes from year to year. Card reeder for snap shot and lake maps. Have no problem running beside my buddies vex as it has noise filters. On graph setting it can track many jigs works well tracking fish following jig up. It is nice to see fish being pulled up and then watching them swim back down seeing how they swim down. More info than just a flash line. Here is a pic I took of jig being pulled up and down. It's a little blurry pic from phone.


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vex vex vex need my flasher to always work

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I have a marcum lx-7 and a marcum showdown troller. Love them both. Only complaint is with the lx 7 screen visibility in the sunlight. Showdown troller I use most of the time. Have caught more than my share of lake trout with it. Simple to use and very light. Strap it to my leg ice fishing and mount it to the front rail on my boat for jigging trout in the summer. Of course if you like to stand and ice fish it would have to be rigged a little differently.


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I have an LX7.  It is my first and only fish finder.  I've already commented earlier in the thread for my vote.  HOWEVER, this thread has shown me that should I need / want a new fish finder somewhere down the road, I won't be afraid to look into vexilar.  It is very obvious who the two heavy hitters are in the market, and I'm glad to have followed this thread.   

Well done to both Marcum and Vexilar!!
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187 votes in 2 days?  Come on guys, there's more than that signed in in that time!


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don't really like the way this poll is leaning  ;D and I don't think this is gonna settle anything Roy  :roflmao:


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I love my flx28!! Way better then my previously owned lx7
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